Allow Us to Introduce Our Hero


Jesus is the reason for our existence. We come from varied backgrounds and life experiences. We reflect a variety of ages, ethnic groups, and preferences about almost every issue in life. We do not gather around a given staff member, policy statement or tradition. We are who we are because of Jesus Christ. He is our hero.

Everyone at Ridgeview has a story to tell. Included are stories of victory and tragedy, celebration and sadness. We are those who realize that we need a Leader who can show us how to live in a world that charms and challenges us, only to disappoint us and confuse us. We are those who have found Jesus to be the Healer of our wounds, the Rescuer from our helplessness and our Example for living lives of purpose and significance.

Jesus is more than a fairy tale figure with a good moral to his story. Though we cannot see him and don't know what he looked like, we know that he is alive, and we have found him to meet our needs and to be our closest friend. His story is the most incredible story of love, death, resurrection and promise that you will ever hear.

If you are seeking help, or leadership, or the perfect role model for your life, click on the links below to find out more about the one we hold in highest esteem. And if you'd like to find out more about him in a more personal setting, you might want to call us. Tell us you came across our website and that you would like to talk more about Jesus. We'd cherish the opportunity to share with you. Our number is 217-442-2210.



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