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 Recent Prayer Chain Requests:

Alan/Elaine Carlson: Tammy – unspoken (tests)
Alex Amos: I have been overwhelmed and frustrated a lot lately. I have a lot on my plate and have been struggling.
Dale/Becky Phenicie: Megan Black
·        Shery Petersen
·        Gloria Brown
·        Stacey Loden
·        Kathy & Morris Starkey
·        Theresa Hall & family
·        Priscilla Osborn
·        Kyle Phenicie (son) – ER yesterday for elevated blood pressure
Dave/Penny Ford: Carl & Cinda Allison – health concerns, fellowship opportunities, feeling isolated
Delynn Mann: please keep praying for my family salvation.
·        Also my husband has a tumor in his stomach.
·        My sister is having her colonoscopy tomorrow and she has been in pain for months. She also has fractures in her spine. Thank you and God bless you all.
Judie Summers: my new upcoming life change
Les/Donna Hughes: Amanda – health
·        Bill Hughes – health
Marilyn Cox: Troy/Brit/kids
·        Cox/Funk salvation & relationships
Morris/Kathy Starkey: Gloria is struggling both with mental and physical. Slight improvement of fluid and pain.
·        Stacey sees Dr 15th about lingering covid symptoms.
·        Praise for God’s grace and mercy! Thank you for praying!
Rose Lawyer: me
·        Joe & Brenda
·        April & Brian & kids
·        Loretta & DJ & kids
·        Steve & Char & kids
·        Penny
·        Jenny
·        Sharon
·        Sarah L
·        Sarah B
·        Church
·        Pastor
·        Troops
·        Valleyview foul language
Sharon Thurston: Bill – alcohol
Shery Petersen: please continue to pray for my daughter Megan. The infection is gone, but there is still cancer. She has another biopsy on Tuesday. Please pray that they get it all so that we don’t have to go back.
Tony: Missionaries
·        Persecuted Christians 
·        Salvation for the lost  
·        Shut ins

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