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 Recent Prayer Chain Requests:

Delynn Mann: please pray for family salvation. And healing in our bodies.
Joyce Brutlag: our country 
Kathy Starkey: getting physically overwhelmed with the result of the shingles combined stress levels. Please pray that the Lord heals the lasting effects of the above mentioned. 
Linda Walsh: everyone fighting cancer 
Marilyn Cox: Troy/Brit/kids 
·    Charlotte – depression over losing her house. 
·    Cox/Funk – relationships & salvation
·    Step mom Wilma – covid 
Mary Haynes: mom – she is very confused. Me – strength to trust God and know what’s best for her and me. 
Patsy Martin: Keith – God’s voice to be heard. 
·    Thanks for Teresa’s surgery which went well – continue healing. 
Rose Lawyer: me
·    Penny
·    Jenny 
·    Sarah 
·    Sandy 
·    April & Brian & kids
·    Loretta & DJ & kids
·    Steve & Char & kids
·    The troops 
·    John  
·    The church and pastor 
Rose Walker: battling cancer: Cindy & Roger Demoss, Terry Moreman (friends), Heida Guzman (aunt) 
·    Those who suffer with mental anguish, stress, and a feeling of no hope. 
·    Ted Hulvey: Marilyn S
Tony: Missionaries 
·    Persecuted Christians  
·    Salvation for the lost 
·    Those unable to come to church in a long time
·    Courage to follow where God leads us 
·    Ed Walton
·    Evie Walton
·    Pat Jumps family 

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