Ridgeview UPDATE

 June 4, 2020




Mark your calendars and plan to join us for worship on June 21 at 9 AM. We are eager for everyone who would like to join us to be there.


To make it as comfortable and as safe as we can, the Board of Deacons requests your cooperation in the following guidelines.


The ground floor will be divided into two sections by the center isle. The side on the left as you enter the main doors (across the hall from the Nursery) will be reserved for those who feel safest with people wearing masks. The side next to the kitchen will be reserved for those who feel comfortable and safe without masks.


We are asking that everyone would cover their face on their way in and on the way out. Once someone is seated in the ‘no mask section’ you may assume that those around you feel comfortable with you removing your mask during the service.


Once you enter, you will see that some rows are roped off. In the rows open for seating, there will be markers indicating where people should not sit. This is to help provide for proper social distancing. Since there will only be a limited number of spaces to seat a larger family unit, it will help if each family chooses a spot proportionate to their size.


Deacons will serve as ushers for the first several weeks. They want to help meet your needs related to seating or anything else as we return. We want you to be loved and well cared for in the process.


In the beginning, there will not be childcare or Sunday School classes. This means that parents should be mindful of their children’s location at all times. There will also be no food in the welcome center until further notice.


The Deacons trust that if we observe these few guidelines and kindnesses to each other, most everyone can feel safe and comfortable worshipping God together. We understand that some may still be reluctant to attend and will look forward to seeing you when you do eventually come. Be assured the live stream of our service will continue.


If you have particular questions, call us and we will try to help. Looking forward to seeing you,



Pastor Mark



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